not quite installed

i. & ii. This year, my senior year. I'm the student body photographer. My responsibility's include but don't exclude taking photos at events; like football games, and making video's for the assemblies. I am loving being more involved with my school and the people at my school, and getting to document a wide variety of things from, you know football games to pop-tarts on the grill for homecoming week breakfast.

I think it's amazing that you can take a photo at such a rapid, high speed but you can still get a photo that makes so much sense. The football right on the line for the rule of thirds, all the warm colors then the blue paint looks like it's encircling the football. (And it's even in focus!)

iii. The sky was amazing. While we waited for the game to start, we painted our faces, blew lots of horns, and chattered and talked about the outcome we saw coming. Some of us wishing we'd brought sunglasses, some just enjoyed the amazing sky. The city and mountainscape.

iv. Birthday candles. Some birthdays are anticipated, but some are dreaded. The feelings of responsibility and growth loved at one age but not another. Don't know how my brother felt, but I'm definitely not ready for eighteen.

v. A new door. My family's been remodeling our home for what feels like forever. We've improved it million times over and over, but a million times takes time, you know? But we now have a new (front) door. This is a new door opening up and we're ready for it. The doorknob... not quite installed.

vii. & viii. Mushrooms. Need I say more?

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  1. Great photos as usual Angela! Your job as the student body photographer seems so cool! I love the atmosphere captured in the photos of the rugby game. It seems like something you would see in a movie... (says she from Australia!)