this summer, i will


(inspired by hannah)
i will learn how to use manual on my camera & print my photos.

i will play with star every day.

i will pick raspberries.

i will finish my quilt.

i will journal.

i will look at the stars on a warm night.

i will go camping as a family.

i will pray every morning and night.

i will go on adventures.

i will go boating.

i will eat healthy.

i will make a new memory each day.

i will drink more water.

i will wear dresses & skirts.

i will go on bike rides.

i will try 10 new recipes.

i will practice lots of violin.

i will do seceret service.

i will go to the farmers market.

i will read a good book or two.

i will write more.

i will meditate & think daily.

i will read the scriptures daily.

i will wear things that make me feel good.

i will go to bed early & wake up early.

i will enjoy the outdoors.

i will relax & enjoy the summer.

i will get up each morning with the hope that something spectacular is awaiting you.

i will

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  1. Your summers seems so exciting! And those raspberries look soooo good :P