What's better than... #016

what's better than...

:: making blueberry muffins

:: watching the diary of a wimpy kid (rodrick rules) twice in two days

:: rolls

:: making a heart garland

:: bought my little brothers old ipod touch, don't know how i lived without it!

:: twitter!!! follow me! @_angela_olsen

:: corn dogs

:: watching 'the little mermaid' at my school, again. so good!

:: doctor who

:: shopping: got a coat, boots, a chambray shirt (i've wanted one for so long!) and, two sweaters, for just over $60!

:: sewing class

:: getting ready for solo and ensemble - pracitice violin 6 days this week!

:: tweets from ellen degeneres, so funny!

:: apples

:: the smell of violin rosin

:: morning: snows, afternoon: sunny//warm enough to go out and play without a coat! #utah

:: my brother fixing my hair straightener! (haven't had one since my sister move to college in january!)

:: then finding out your straightener doesn't heat up...

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