What's better than... #015

what's better than...

:: 3 hour symphony rehearsal + a 1 hour rehearsal right before that! (my back started to hurt a little...)

:: successful concerts (but still hard...)

:: teaching // preparing to teach in yw's // church

:: midnight snacks

:: snow, lots and lots of it!!

:: service

:: taking photos at the girls basketball game for yearbook! so totally enjoy taking some sweet action shots!

:: shopping my sisters closet! (i don't think she'll mind...)

:: easy hair

:: honey

:: ceramics class: was really scared the first time on the wheel, but now i'm super excited!

:: making a kaleidoscope

:: beautiful sunsets

:: students visiting our school from japan: loved getting to know them!

:: princess diaries: love this movie so much! #oldermovies
(if you guys know any older movies you love, let me know what they are! i want to watch all the classics from the 90's and early 2000's that i watched when i was little but can't remember anymore.)

:: french toast

:: syrup

:: shaun groves

:: free hair cuts: thanks mom!!

:: kind of watching the superbowl... (i watched downton abbey instead)

:: going to the little mermaid at my high school: loved it!

:: craving muffins

:: getting really dirty in ceramics

:: yellow sweaters

:: stories

:: cute family photos

:: crepes (w/ nutella & strawberry's &...)

:: playing w/ my dog star:following me around to turn off all the lights, running around the house, going and finding her ball, playing pet my head then i'll turn and now pet my butt. pretty exciting!

:: super nice & cool teachers

:: left-over pizza

:: chips with a hint of lime! so good! 

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  1. These what's better than posts always make my life seem so boring! hehe