What's better than... #014

what's better than...

:: snow day! (no school!)

:: pinterest

:: adele (love her voice so much!)

:: ripping pages out of magazines... for hours, bliss!

:: a fun job interview! who knew?

:: looking at my little brother's fb (w/ him obviously!) hehe

:: cooking dinner by myself

:: lasagna dinner

:: comfy outfits

:: cute glasses

:: yummy bread

:: birthday money

:: pumpkin chocolate chip bread

:: long weekends

:: being home alone

:: tumblr: follow me (i love it so much, i'd almost call myself obsessed...)

:: birthday wishes

:: curly hair

:: sleeping in

:: a casual bun // top knot

:: cleaning // a clean room

:: reading the hobbit; love his style of writing! (almost finished)

:: freezing rain! scary but also entertaining

:: awesome attitude's

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