What's better than... #005

what's better than...

:: blowing up an airmattress in the snow

:: halloween concerts

:: falling asleep at... (early) cause theres nothing to do

:: cafe rio

:: taylor swift's new album red

:: james taylor

:: eating hot cocoa powder plain with a spoon

:: it being dark when i have to wake up in the morning (can't wait for daylight savings time!)

:: going to the library

:: oreo's

:: cape cod collegiate

:: cute outfits//feeling cute

:: end of the term stress  

:: carmels

:: almost getting run over cause your trying to say hi to someone

:: orchestra concerts

:: chocolate cookie crumble ice cream + cookies and cream ice cream (heaven!)

:: journaling

:: getting a job (now i won't feel as poor)

:: not doing really anything for halloween

:: scaring yourself just because its halloween

:: halloween candy

:: taking photos at my hs volleyball practice for yearbook

:: the smell of autumn 

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