What's better than... #004

what's better than...

:: pumpkin chocolate cookies

:: warm blankets + soft pillows

:: pb+honey sandwiches + milk

:: spaghettios

:: movies

:: doctor who 

:: the phone call >>

:: finding out//realizing your choir concert is in two days, because you didn't remember!

:: the sound of wind through aspen trees

:: sweatshirts

:: being blind//not wearing your glasses

:: rain

:: snacking on frosted mini spooners

:: fuzzy socks + boots

:: doing math by the fireplace

:: apple juice

:: cozy clothes//sweaters//layers

:: the smell of hot cocoa powder

:: chocolate chips

:: apples (i seem to be in an apple mood lately!)

:: going to the store an hour before your choir concert to buy some flats

:: successful choir concerts

:: this quote//words

:: snow//weather in utah

:: pork + beans

p.s. "i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers" -anne of green gables

UPDATE :: this youtube video! cracks me up every time (yes, i've watched it multiple times)

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