Doily Necklace DIY

This is a necklace I made about a year ago, I thought I'd share it!

Basicly all you do is...
  1. Fold Doily in half and add a peice of matching fabric inbetween it and hand stich a large running stich and tie it off, to add a little ruffle and so it will lay nicer. [note: i bought this doily white and then tea dyed it, love the effect] 
  2. Then sew on [or glue] a ribbon or old necklace chain. And your finished!
Opitional: You can decorate it with fabric flowers [or what ever your creative minds thinks of]
Hope this is a clear tutorial! Questions just let me know.


  1. Really cute! I have been wanting to try something like this, I actually went to the Dollar Store a few weeks ago because they use to carry doilies but I couldn't find any. I wanted to get a cheep one in case I messed it up. Very inspiring I will have to keep looking for some.

    1. I bought my doily at Micheals craft store for only a dollar! it was a year ago but it might be worth checking :D, Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Oh this is so cute & creative! I love doilies & have seen some really cute things done with them but I don't think I've seen anything like this before. Pinning :)

  3. This is so simple and beautiful!
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